Meet The Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Language and Cultural Studies, in the Faculty of Education and Humanities.  You will experience a rewarding journey that culminates with you earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Fine Arts or Spanish. Or, you may take the Associate Degree of Arts in English, Fine Arts, Spanish or Anthropology.  Our passionate, experienced lecturers will be there to guide you along the way. We hope that you will join us at the Turkeyen or Tain campus.


Several  programme choices  are available to prospective students.

 If you are following a career in English, we can help you to become a great writer of fiction and nonfiction.  You can become a poet or a teacher.  You may also follow this path if you are interested in becoming a journalist or a reporter.  You may also consider working in the diplomatic service.  

If you are following a career in Fine Art, we can teach and train you to develop your innate abilities or we can help you find out what skills you may develop in Painting, Graphics, Ceramics, Sculpture, The Theory of Art, Aesthetics or Art Education.  

If you are following a career in Modern Languages, our capable lecturers can teach you Spanish, French, or Portuguese.  Studying languages is extremely exciting. 

If you are interested in the field of Anthropology, come and spend time with us as you search and discover things you did not know about how human beings lived long ago.  You will learn about humans and their environment.  


Mr Andrew Kendall
Head of Department
Language and Cultural Studies.