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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction welcomes in-service teachers to further develop their skills in teaching and learning. We stand by the seasoned theme that “Education Builds a Nation”. To this end, we strive to equip our teachers in key areas to respond to needs as outlined in the National Curricula.

Our learners are given the opportunity to explore core content in education as well as in their respective areas of specialization. Students are encouraged to critically analyse theory and model best practices in the delivery of education.

Admission Requirements – Trained Teachers’ Certificate; Associate Degree in Education.

Employment opportunities

Graduate Teachers from The University of Guyana are employed across the diaspora.

Our programmes are designed for students who wish to advance their professional knowledge and skills as secondary teachers in Agriculture Science, Business Studies, English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Technical Education. Educators who are interested in providing Literacy support in schools can specialize in Literacy Studies.

Related Careers in Education

Principal, Teacher, Education Officer, Curriculum Developer