Message From The Head of Department

“Education is ... the basis for progress in every country. ...we can transform individual lives, national economies and our world.” Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction where we are committed to the growth and development of teachers. It is our wish that every student who comes to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction leaves with an experience that is intriguing, inspiring and wholesome. Consequently, members of the department strive to develop pivotal skills and knowledge among educators who will in turn ignite curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in their learners.

As the Head of Department, I encourage you to join us as together we work to enhance your skills in teaching. Teaching stands at the basis of every successful nation, so our job is very important. I look forward to working with individuals who are enthusiastic about equity and equality in education, sensitive to high moral standards and who, of course, love teaching.

We offer studies in Agriculture Science, Business Studies, English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Technical Education. In any of these areas, you can expect to work in a research-rich environment as you engage with content and faculties across the campus.

If teaching is your calling, and you wish to use your gift to activate social change for the good of all, then join us in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction where we are committed to advancing learning through best practices and research.

Best wishes,
Mr. Azad Khan
Head of Department, Curriculum and Instruction