Dr. Tamirand Nnena DeLisser

Assistant Dean

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Assistant Dean’s Welcome Message

Welcome to your new home for the duration of your studies
The Faculty of Humanities and Education!

Hi, I am Tamirand Nnena De Lisser, yes you guessed right, the Assistant Dean, Faculty of Education and Humanities (FEH). I am here to help you with any issues or concerns regarding your programme. As Assistant Dean, my first priority is you, the students of the FEH. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you can speak with me, and your matters will be duly addressed.

As Assistant Dean, I am committing the following to you, the students of the FEH:

  • I will do all in my powers to ensure that you are provided with a quality educational experience which promotes your academic success.
  • I will liaise with the Dean, your Heads of Departments, and your lecturers, to make sure that all information and guidance required to ensure your academic success are accessible to you.
  • I will be responsive to all your queries in a time efficient manner. I am aware that all questions are important and therefore promise to respond within 48 hours. Despite this 48 hour response time, I will endeavour to check my email and messages daily in cases where there are urgent requests.

In order to achieve all of the above, your cooperation is integral. I expect that you, the students of the FEH, will:

  • Have the maturity and motivation to play your part in attaining the quality educational experience that you desire thus ensuring your academic success.
  • Put in the time needed to familiarize yourself with the general University of Guyana regulations and the specific requirements for the successful completion of your programmes.
  • Reach out to me for help and guidance as needed.

Your success is my priority!
Tamirand Nnena De Lisser, PhD.
Assistant Dean, FEH