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In moving forward in this COVID-19 Pandemic, the Faculty of Education is pleased to announce that it has been working closely with the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) to secure your transcripts.
Many CPCE transcripts have been sent to UG.
Please check your application status on the UG SRMS system by August 31 for Progress Updates....

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is currently undertaking a Data Collection process for statistics on Venezuelans migrants in Guyana for a six-week period over the next five months. They would like to recruit Spanish speaking Enumerators to administer surveys within selected Regions. Attached is the TOR for the ass...

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WHEN we hear the term “literature” we most often think of books or other written works. While that definition is correct in a strict sense, literature in the 21st century moves beyond those boundaries to incorporate works across various media. This change was evident in the recent annual presentation of research by students of the University of Guyana’s Department of Language and Cultural Studies’ Special Author or Period course.

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“From Ashes We Rise” is the latest in the series of exhibitions from the University of Guyana’s Creative Arts Division located in the Department of Language and Cultural Studies. Philbert Gajadhar is a foremost national Guyanese artist and a lecturer at the University of Guyana. He is a former Head of Department. The exhibition opened at The National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, on May 28 and it continues until June 16, 2018.

Usually at this time of the year, after ...

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Is Creolese the national language of Guyana? And what role should it play in the education system? A heated public debate on these questions has taken place in the media recently. There have been interesting comments from the usual suspects on both sides of the argument. The four writers of this article join hands across the university hierarchy and across three generations, to add their voices.

We begin with a glimpse into a testimony of verbal interaction in a 21st century prim...

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- by Wil A Campbell

Take a mental snapshot of the 3 persons closest to you. Now, photo shop yourself into the picture. You should now have 4 persons in your mental photograph. And according to the most recent estimates from the WHO and the Ministry of Health, it is very likely that at least one of the individuals in that picture has a mental disorder.  That individual could very well be YOU.

Notice, I did not say that that person is mad. I said the...

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